Tax Filing Check-List

• All W-2's from all your Employers
• All 1099's
• Dependent's Information
(a) Copy of Social Security Cards
• Mortgage Interest Statement for Home Owners
• Childcare Provider's Information / Payment
• Interest Income Statement (1099 - INT)
• Dividend Income Statement (1099 - DIV)
• Self Employment Income Declaration for each Businesses
• Tuition Payment Information
• Social Security Retirement Payment (1099- R)
• Charitable Donation Payment Statements
• Copy of Your Social Security Card

Income Tax

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Our Tax Services Includes:     

  1. Income tax preparation for individuals
  2. Payroll taxes
  3. State and local taxes
  4. E-filing services
  5. All tax services for businesses

Please use the following forms to tell us about your business:

Forms for your Taxes:

We are experienced organization with knowledgeable experts that will handle all your tax filing needs, and produce accurate and timely returns for you. We also offer bookkeeping and accounting services, payroll services, insurance services and general business consultations for your convenience. Please visit our offices today, and you’ll be glad you did.

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•(1) Client’s Confidential Information.

•(2) Sole Proprietorship-Independent Contractor Business information Sheet.

•(3) Declaration of Self-Employment Income & other Miscellaneous Income.

•(4) Form 8867 Due Diligent Questioner Earned Income Credit Qualifier.

•(5)1099 Information Sheet.

•(6) Itemized Deductions.

•(7) Consent to Use Of Tax Return Information.

•(8) Self Employed Filers: Complete Forms 1, 2, or 3, 4 & 7.

•(9) W-2 Tax Filers: Complete Forms 1, 4 & 7, & 5 If you own a Home.