Tax Filing Check-List

• All W-2's from all your Employers
• All 1099's
• Dependent's Information
(a) Copy of Social Security Cards
• Mortgage Interest Statement for Home Owners
• Childcare Provider's Information / Payment
• Interest Income Statement (1099 - INT)
• Dividend Income Statement (1099 - DIV)
• Self Employment Income Declaration for each Businesses
• Tuition Payment Information
• Social Security Retirement Payment (1099- R)
• Charitable Donation Payment Statements
• Copy of Your Social Security Card

(7) Consent to Use Of Tax Return Information

Consent to Use Of Tax Return Information: Federal law requires this consent form be provided to you (”you” refers to each taxpayer, if more than one). Unless authorized by law, we cannot use, without your consent, your tax return information for purposes other than the preparation and filing of your tax return.

This consent simply means that you agree to allow us use the information that you enter for your tax return to determine if certain products may be of beneficial to you.  By consenting, products that we will make available to you include entering into arrangements with a bank to provide qualifying taxpayers with the opportunity to apply for a Refund anticipation Loan (RAL), or an Electronic Refund Check or an Electronic Refund Deposit. Using your tax return information to analyzing and calculating the amount of your anticipated refund.  Also providing you information about Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and the tax benefit they can offer you and Life and health insurance products

We have designed a simple to complete Information Sheet- Consent to Use of Tax Return Information for you to complete and by completing and signing the form, you are allowing us to make these products available to you.


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•(1) Client’s Confidential Information.

•(2) Sole Proprietorship-Independent Contractor Business information Sheet.

•(3) Declaration of Self-Employment Income & other Miscellaneous Income.

•(4) Form 8867 Due Diligent Questioner Earned Income Credit Qualifier.

•(5)1099 Information Sheet.

•(6) Itemized Deductions.

•(7) Consent to Use Of Tax Return Information.

•(8) Self Employed Filers: Complete Forms 1, 2, or 3, 4 & 7.

•(9) W-2 Tax Filers: Complete Forms 1, 4 & 7, & 5 If you own a Home.